Course Description

This 15 lesson course includes storytelling to up sale and overcome objections. Next learn to identify difficult clients and work with them should you discover you have one. After that we explore the power and cost of being a right fighter. Focusing on client great communication builds relationships and a successful business. 

Carol Bass

Carol has been an entrepreneur since 1982 her students are drawn to the fact she understands the challenges of being self-employed.  She approaches the learning process with warmth, humor, and sensitivity, offering training in Nashville, TN, Cherry Hill, NJ, and Richmond, VA and other areas by request.  She is host and creator of Nashville’s popular DIY seminars, “Addicted to Decorating.” Carol is a creator of The DSA’s A.C.T.I.O.N. Scoring System used by hundreds of staging professionals across the country. She is a frequent industry speaker and the emcee for The Deco-Zone at Atlanta’s AmericasMart.As the owner of The Practical Decorator, Carol spends most of her energy teaching and training talented individuals in creating a business in the decorating industry. She still however, loves the creative process and continues to accept clients.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to this Lesson Series

    • Client Prep Guide: Intro to Resource to Successful Client Communication

  • 2

    Client Prep Guide: Module 1

    • Why we Tell stories

  • 3

    Client Prep Guide: Module 2

    • "A Story"

  • 4

    Client Prep Guide: Module 3

    • What story to tell and where to find

  • 5

    Client Prep Guide: Module 4

    • How to tell a great story

  • 6

    Client Prep Guide: Module 5

    • Client Prep Guide Module 7 Identifying the difficult client

  • 7

    Client Prep Guide: Module 6

    • Client Communication Style

  • 8

    Client Prep Guide Module 7

    • Identifying Difficult Clients this video has a 40 second visual delay

  • 9

    Client Prep Guide : Module 8

    • How to handle Difficult Clients

  • 10

    Client Prep Guide: Module 9

    • Sometimes it is the Situation

  • 11

    Client Prep Guide: Module 10

    • Scripts and Follow-up

    • Scripts and Follow-up

  • 12

    Client Prep Guide: Module 11

    • Project Communications and Scripts

  • 13

    Client Prep: Module 12

    • After the Project Follow-up

  • 14

    Client Prep Guide: Module 13

    • Apology Triggers and Solutions

  • 15

    Client Prep Guide: Module 14

    • Steps to a Resolution

  • 16

    Client Prep Guide: Module 15

    • The High Cost of No Apology